Vibram Men’s V-Train 2.0: Fitness & Cross Training Shoe

Elevate your training performance with the Vibram Men V-Train 2.0 Fitness and Cross Training Shoe. Designed for serious trainers and functional athletes, this shoe provides exceptional ground feel, balance, and stability. With its durable construction and distinctive rope traction lugs, it offers superior grip and support for aggressive lateral movements. Experience the perfect combination of comfort, durability, and performance with this innovative shoe that will take your workouts to the next level. Invest in the V-Train 2.0 and unleash your full potential during every training.


Discover the ultimate performance shoe for serious trainers and functional athletes with Vibram Men’s V-Train 2.0. This shoe offers a perfect balance of ground feel and protection with excellent toe articulation for stability and balance during intense workouts. The updated panel lacing system and hook+loop closure provide a secure fit for aggressive lateral movements.

With Vibram’s XS Trek rubber compound, it experiences exceptional traction and durability both indoors and outdoors. Elevate your training with this innovative shoe designed for optimal balance, comfort, and responsiveness. Indulge in the best soles in the world and unleash your full potential with Vibram Men’s V-Train 2.0.